The Largest Online Community for Parents

The Largest Online Community for Parents


The first perks program exclusively for families is an online community
providing special offers, contest, free products, and packages.

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Our packages and offers will tailor to your growing family needs.

160,000 members have already signed up for Canada's largest family membership and we're still growing.
The strength of our our network allows us to secure exclusive deals and offers from the best family brands who want to connect with new parents like you.

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Be part of a family, an expecting family or a relative




Reward Yourself was born as Baby Box Canada — when Canadians across the country asked for a “Baby Box” program. We had so much demand for our boxes, that we outpaced our brand partners and had to wait-list some of our members. We wanted a program for everyone, so we rebuilt from the ground up. Welcome to — inclusive of families of all shapes and sizes and tailored to meet the needs of families and brands alike — to make daily family life easier for everyone. Join to become part of the community.
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    Receive up to $160 in baby formula, samples coupons and special offers from Enfamil Value may vary depending on location, delivery method, and time of enrolment.
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