It really does take a village to raise a child – parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and close friends. Our programs are designed to help families with daily life. NOW you can register and be part of to benefit from current programs and get early access to new programs ahead of their launch.

What inspired Baby Box Canada (now

First, let’s clarify: The Finnish tradition is a maternity grant, not just a box for a baby to sleep in. Interestingly, 40% of families choose the cash grant over a box of baby products. But what’s most important is the underlying belief that we all deserve to thrive. For us, this was a great jumping-off point, but it presented two challenges. Firstly, birth is a great place to start, but as all parents discover, it’s the journey, not the beginning or the destination that matters. Secondly, it meant taking European-style thinking and producing a program that co-existed with for-profit oriented companies (baby and family brands) as opposed to relying on government funding.

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an online community that provides special offers, contest, free products, and packages, all rolled into one. evolved from Baby Box Canada, a program committed to providing new parents with products and advice when bringing home a new baby. recognizes that, like every baby, every family is unique… Therefore, we are expanding to allow all family members to join us.

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Judgment Free Parenting is all about about embracing your instinct as parents to make decisions that are best suited to your family’s needs without being judged. Our team is continually gathering valuable information for new parents.


While all of us want our babies/kids/family members to be happy, we are well aware that for some families need more than others. In collaboration with organizations across Canada, we’re developing a unique program where together we’ll sustainably support families. Stay tuned! Big announcements are coming.

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