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Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and close friends. Our program is designed for all families. family.one is the Largest most secrure Online Community Dedicated to Families.

family.one is the Largest Online Community for families. The strength of our network allows us to secure exclusive deals and offers from the best family brands who want to connect with parents and family members like you.


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A whole village to raise a child

family.One was born out of the overwhelming amount of information, choices, decisions (and on top of it) costs we face as parents. As parents we all needed a program, not just for ourselves, but for all of us involved in raising today's children. As our world and the way both we (families) and companies communicate changed, it became so much more important to refocus. family.One — now Canada's largest parent and family community was formed in late 2015. Since then family.One has evolved to be inclusive of families of all shapes and sizes and tailored to meet the needs of families and brands alike — to make daily family life easier for everyone. Join to become part of the community, discover, win, save, and most importantly, enjoy.


The Largest Online Community Dedicated to Families.